Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Checklist: the Story is Ready for Development

Here is a simple check list for verifying a Story is ready for development. 

  • I have considered the high level design change for this story
  • I know the code area which need to be modified / created for this story
  • I have thought and considered the flow changes introduced by this story
  • I have looked at the existing test automation for the current flow/behavior (as is)
  • I have thought and described how I will validate the flow/behavior changes introduced by this story (to be)
  • I understood all the current acceptance criteria (ACs) for this Story
  • I am happy with the current ACs for this Story  (I don’t see the need to create a new or remove any of the ACs for thÌs story)
  • I thought about it, and I believe this story should not be split into smaller pieces
  • I thought about it, and I believe this story should not be merged with another one
A missing checked item will trigger a Story huddle, and the story will not be considered ready for development.


Marco Valtas said...

Hi Paulo,
I would refactor the list removing the answers like "Yes", "No" or "need more time". If just by invalidating one statement will trigger a story huddle we don't need the answers we just need the statement to hold true before moving forward and start implementing the story.


Paulo Caroli said...

Hey Marco,
I agree. The checklist shoudl be a checklist, and not a multiple choice.
I am changing it right now.
Thanks mate!

jerey ni said...

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