Monday, June 3, 2013

Leader, your team is not in the meeting room!

Leaders should stop wasting so much time on meetings. First, the meetings for planning how the team will work. Soon after, the meeting for following up on the previous meetings. Then, the combination of people and meetings just explodes. These innumerous s meetings are the biggest waste for leaders.

Instead, a leader should spend time on the ground with the team. Try to understand and improve processes and how people collaborate. Thus avoiding the distant management purely based on meetings.

Make the work and the workflow visible. This is a crucial activity for a leader. Say no to the meeting invites. Instead, spend your time working with the team members. Look for ways to make the process (and the team work) more visible. Make information more transparent. Encourage direct communication. These allows for greater collaboration.

Ask why! Seek to understand what is happening on each workflow step; ask why. Then ask again. Help the team members better understand their work and the reasons behind it. This, plus the visibility will enable them to understand each other, therefore better collaborating towards the common goal.

Time is limited. And you can have a great impact on your team’s work. Say no to ineffective meetings. Instead, spend your time on the ground working with the team.


Unknown said...

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Nestor said...

Really good! One important thing after this is how to get feedback and follow up on achievements and obstacles the teams encounter along the way. If you manage to find effective alternatives for this, meetings will no longer necessary, unless for integrating people - this should not be left out of the agenda...

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