Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scrumban em Porto Alegre

A ThoughtWorks será anfitriã do primeiro treinamento de Scrumban em Porto Alegre.

Do Scrum ao Kanban: Novas perspectivas em gestão Ágil de projetos de software

Recentemente, a comunidade ágil, tem voltado a atenção para o Kanban, muitas vezes usando como referência o Scrum (método ágil predominante). Neste treinamento Rodrigo de Toledo e Alisson Vale explicitam esse caminho do Scrum ao Kanban, também conhecido como Scrumban, revelando quais os ganhos que podemos colher. Conceitos como fluxo contínuo, foco, visibilidade e melhoria contínua são reforçados. Acreditamos que o Kanban traz um novo patamar de amadurecimento no mundo ágil.

1º e 2 de abril. Das 9h às 18h.


Escritório da ThoughWorks (localizado na PUC-RS, Tecnopuc, predio 99, 14º andar)

Maiores informações:

Thursday, March 17, 2011 Trainer Meeting in Boston

On March 14th and 15th had organized a get together for their trainers. On the agenda were several topics. The most prominent was to start updating the existing PSM material. added two new trainings. PSTM (Professional Scrum Team Member) and PSPO (Professional Scrum Product Owner). The PSTM is the fundamental training, teaching the basics of Scrum; no prerequisites are required. Whereas the PSPO covers the Product Owner site of Scrum. Those additions are making it worthwhile to look into the existing PSM content and to see what can be removed and what should be updated. On the other hand it was long overdue to meet the other trainers in person.
Needles to say that these were two intense days of ongoing discussions and creation of new ideas. When great minds think alike it is amazing what the outcomes are. Overall, it has been very energizing.
Since the complete PSM material is rather large we weren't able to complete it. Now, our colleagues will pick up our work at the next trainer gathering in Brussels and carry on the baton. Hopefully they will not only carry but also inspect our work and improve it.
So stay tuned for an improved PSM training - a training even going deeper and addressing the more challenging problems of today’s Scrum Masters.
Thanks to my fellow trainers at, I feel honored to call you my friends and to be part of this.