Thursday, March 29, 2012

Timeline activity for retrospective

Below is a deck for a timeline activity I used on my last retrospective.

Previously I have used this approach for a collocated retrospective. I would draw a timeline on a white board, create 4 areas on the board (people, process, tools/technology, and other), and use two colors of notes (well – green /not so well - gray) to start with, followed by a third color for action items (yellow).

Here is the snapshot of the retrospective activity (this picture was generated by Google Drawing):

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TWBR colleagues delivering Tech Radar talks in Brazil

Back in 2008 I would dream about bringing Thoughtworks to Brazil. Dreams come true!

Today I am glad to watch 5 remarkable techie colleagues (all from Thoughtworks Brazil) shaping, spreading the word and fostering conversations about languages, technologies, tools and platforms.

The Thoughtworks Tech Radar road show (now in Brazil!) starring Ronaldo Ferraz, Rodrigo Kochenburger, Marco Valtas, Carlos Villela and Adriano Bonat.

Porto Alegre
Wednesday, March 28 2012

Rio de Janeiro
Thursday, March 29 2012

Sao Paulo
Thursday, April 12 2012

Belo Horizonte
Friday, April 20 2012

Register here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The 1000 students challenge (2)

In May of last year I was able to run my first Pay It Forward Scrum Training at the University of Bern in Switzerland. I had blogged about this event there:  The 1000 Students Challenge

Last week-end I had the chance to do the second run at the University of Applied Sciences (FHNW) in Brugg Switzerland. 20 students volunteered their week-ends to learn about Scrum by attending the Professional Scrum Master Training or short PSM. It was great fun for them and myself and it is good to know that 20 future IT specialists will join the workforce pre-equipped with Agile and Scrum.

967 more to go ...

PS If you are interested in hosting such an event at your institution please contact me at

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scrum Bolivia Day 2012

This Monday I participated on the Scrum Bolivia Day 2012.

The event brought together many professionals from different companies interested in learning, and expanding Scrum in its various aspects.

Below are the Scrum Bolivia Day 2012 speakers with their respective presentations
Congratulations for Juan Banda and his team for organizing such a great event!