Friday, August 7, 2009

Mock Objects In Action at the Agile 2009 conference

How can mock objects help you design your system better? Want to know how mocking saved hours of work? We focus on establishing best practices based on examples with mock objects. We cover design of classes, using mock objects to understand and test interaction between objects of the system. By the end of the session it should become clear how mocking, when applied correctly helps with system design, improves testability by reducing cost of change. An explicit part of this session is dedicated to the Mocking top offenders. We talk with examples about bad usage of Mocks, and its consequences.

Sudhindra Rao and I will be presenting the Mock Objects in Action session at the Agile 2009 conference.

History of this session

I started conducting a session on mocking and testing when we was coaching a few developers. That session then turned into a training session conducted at ThoughtWorks internal training and was quite appreciated for its practicality. After a few additions to that sessions and adding mockito to the mix Sudhindra and I presented it at a couple of conferences. It was received with a lot of enthusiasm.

Recommended readings

Below is the list of recommended readings that I give to the session attendees. Please let me know what you would add to this list.

The demo code for this session will be available at:


Jeff Santini said...

How about

Paper by the guys who wrote jmock and nmock

Patrick Kua said...

I would second what Jeff said as well. Definite "must read" substance.

Paulo Caroli said...

Thanks Jeff and Pat!
I have added the link to the blog post and will add to the ppt used at the conference.

Unknown said...

Hi Paulo,

My name is Gil Zilberfeld, from Typemock. We're adding an events page to the site, for events about unit testing.

Is it ok if we add your event to our page?
Please let me know at gilz AT typemock dot com.

Thanks, and good luck.


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Anonymous said...
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