Thursday, September 24, 2009

A new direction for the Scrum Alliance

September 15 2009, Ken Schwaber and Jim Cundiff resigned from the Board of Directors of the Scrum Alliance.

Below is an excerpt of the message

Message from the Board of Directors

On September 15, Ken Schwaber resigned as President and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Scrum Alliance. Tom Mellor was elected President and Chair of the Board by the Board members. Ken expressed to the Board his intentions to remain active in the Scrum community. The Board expresses its appreciation to Ken for his service and leadership.

Additionally, Jim Cundiff will no longer serve as the Managing Director of the Scrum Alliance effective immediately. Jim will support the transition of his duties to others in the organization and assist as needed until a new managing director is brought aboard. Jim has served the Scrum Alliance very effectively and capably and we thank him for his leadership. A search is underway for a new managing director. The Board anticipates filling the position in the very near future. Questions may be directed to Jodi Gibson at

The resignation news was released one day after the news on the launch of the CSM Exam.

Launch of CSM Exam

As was referenced in a recent posting to the Certified Scrum Trainers (CST) site, the Scrum Alliance Board of Directors (Board) has de cided to move forward with the launch of the online Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) exam on October 1. The Board understands and appreciates that this decision has caused confusion and concern after the Alliance announc ed earlier in September that the launch of the test would be postponed

Without much insight regarding the Scrum Alliance, it seems to me that the two events are related. Otherwise, it is absolute bad timing to give them one day apart from each other. Leaving the occurrence of the events aside, I believe we should be watching out for a few unanswered questions: Is the Scrum Alliance taking a new direction? How will this affect the Agile sphere?


Scott Duncan said...

Go to http// and you'll see what Ken and Jim and Jeff (Sutherland) are up regarding agile/scrum training. Check out the "Assessment" and "Program" links.

Paulo Caroli said...

Tobias Mayer wrote about Ken and the Scrum Alliance:

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