Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Agile Vale 2010

Last week I presented and participated at Agile Vale 2010, the first Agile event on ITA, Sao Jose dos Campos.

The event gathered 300 people including organizers, speakers and attendees (folks from local universities, industry, and near-by cities)

My presentation on story board and visualizing SW development workflow was great. It was a one hour presentation with many Agile concepts depicted as story board’ cards movements.

I also participated on a round table on Agile SW developemnt. Eduardo Guerra (ITA) was the facilitator; the participants were: Felipe Rodrigues (Lambda3), Rodrigo Yoshima (Aspercom), Fabiano Milani (AdaptIdeas), Paulo Caroli (ThoughtWorks Brasil), Juan Esteban Bernabó (Teamware).

Overall it was a great event. The attendees, organizers, and the speakers were all very excited at the end of the event.

It was nice to participate on a great Agile event in such a prestigious college—ITA.


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