Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Agilidade na Prática 2012

and her team organized another amazing event: Agilidade na Prática 2012. 

More than 300 people got together at Recife to talk about Agile.

The speakers for this year: Sílvio Meira - CESAR, Guilherme Silveira - Caelum, Michel Goldenberg - GoToAgile!, Marcos Garrido -, Marcela Guerra - Pitang, Paulo Caroli - ThoughtWorks, Alexandre Gomes - SEA Tecnologia, Thiago Diniz - Eventick, Luiz Sanches - Tá safo!, and Martin Fowler - ThoughtWorks.

Rumors say that Recife will host AgileBrazil soon.

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Teresa M M Maciel said...

You know your support was crucial to this success, Caroli. You are part of our team. Thanks for everything! Teresa Maciel.