Sunday, September 16, 2012

Agile Brazil 2012

Another great Agile Brazil! This year, the main Agile conference on South America happened in São Paulo, from September 4th-7 th.

Agile Brazil is the most relevant conference regarding Agile Development Methodologies in Brazil and it is driven by the Agile community leaders from all regions of the country, sharing the same goal: foster and spread the Agile culture.

Aiming to be the largest community driven conference in the whole Southern Hemisphere, the organizers put together relevant leading companies and experienced Agile professionals in the Brazilian market, plus some of the most skilled agile practitioners. Participants had the opportunity of sharing and deepening their knowledge through courses, lectures, workshops, case studies, debates, and much more!

My special thanks to Thoughtworks for organizing and fostering so many co-workers to get together in such great environment! These were the TWers presenting at the conference this year: Aaron Erickson, Camilo Ribeiro, Carlos Palhares, Danilo Sato, EduardoFayh,  Fernando Freire, Fernando Kakimoto, Fotina K., Gabriel Notari, Guilherme Prestes, Guilherme Motta, Jenny Wong, Hugo Corbucci, Ivayr Netto, Juliana Dornelles, Julio Maia, Mozair Carmo, Neal Ford, Paulo Caroli, and Sunil Mundra.


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