Thursday, October 10, 2013

One week inception workshop – Porto Alegre Oct 2013

Please find below a few photos from the One Week Inception workshop at Porto Alegre on October 2013.

Here is the presentation (and reference guide for the activities).

Note to self:

  •  A full day workshop will be even better than half day
  •   Rename Day 4 activity from Flow and Estimation to Estimation and User Journey
  •  Keep Doing: no presentation; whiteboard and hands on instead
  •   Keep Doing: refer to past Inceptions and projects, but select one of the participants project to incept on
  • Pair up with TC Caetano and Mauricio Sanchez for the next one

Thank you!


Ralph Jocham said...

Hi Paulo,
this is great stuff! Wish I could have attended it. You did the inception in 1/2 day. How large is the project going to be?


Paulo Caroli said...

Hey Ralph,
Great question!
This was a workshop to share how I have been running one week inceptions.
From my experience on many one week inceptions: In average, a one week inception keeps a team of 5 – 7 Devs and 1 or 2 QAs busy for 2 to 4 months.
With Lean start up in mind, really small inceptions help the team focus on MVP and the build, measure, learn cycle. Two days seems too little, more than five days is too long.
I like a one week inception, but I might not use 8 hours every day.

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