Friday, September 16, 2011

Facilitation exercise: feedback and ROI

Facilitation exercise: feedback and ROI (Return on Investment)

I have been using this facilitation exercise for a while. Therefore I am describing it in this blog entry. This is a great exercise for closing a retrospective, a long meeting, or an event).

Basically I ask the participants to write down in a post-it feedback about the retrospective/meeting/event. Then, I ask them to place the post-it on the ROI radar.
The ROI radar have a line going from very little ROI :( -- to very high ROI :) ++. The ROI question was:
For this last hour that you have spent here in this retrospective/meeting/event, how do you measure the return on your investment (of your time)? I am supper happy; this was really worthy my time: goes on top; the opposite goes on the bottom.

Below is the result from the last two times I run this exercise.


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