Friday, September 16, 2011

GOSH event photos

GOSH – Get Old Stay Hot

Last night I had the honor of facilitating the first GOSH (Get Old Stay Hot) event.

The event was opened for the Porto Alegre local IT community. It had the focus on career development (therefore the catchy acronym). It took place at ThoughtWorks Brazil office.

As I promised in the event yesterday, here I will share the photos, and the result of the ROI-feedback exercise.

This was the event's agenda:

A few photos from the event:

Ice breaker: 1,2, ping, 4, pong…

Items for voting (Dot-mocracy) on the open space

Top 3 items for discussion (fishbowl-roundtable style)

The fishbowl round table

ROI-Feedback exercise results

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stevenjared0853 said...

Thanks a lot for sharing the gosh event photos here. Even we are going to host a Halloween themed pre Christmas party tomorrow at the indoor event space Chicago. For me, planning an event is the most painful thing but this time I did some planning with the guidance from my mom (she is an amazing event planner).